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Mexican flautas de res

by admin

I have been craving flautas de res ahogadas. Here’s the finished product..
I used the following:
-2 lbs desebrada(roast)
-1/2 onion
-3 garlic cloves
-4 hojas de laurel
Put your carne to cook in a pot with enough water to reach the top of it. Add the onion, garlic cloves, laurel and salt to taste. Cook until your meat is tender and then remove and shredd.
Preparation for tacos:
So for all my tacos I always use Milarcos tortillas. Always the white ones bc that’s what I’m use to. But you all can use whatever you’d like. Heat about 1/2 package of the tortillas in the microwave for 3 minutes. Once they are done take them out and seperate them. This prevents them from sticking. Once you have done that add your desired amount of carne to the tortilla,roll it like a taco and then add a toothpick through the middle. You can fit up to 3 tacos on one toothpick. Once you have made your desired amount of tacos get yourself a deep pan and add 2-3 cups of oil. Heat it on a medium heat and once heated fry your tacos until golden brown. Top them off with your salsa/s,crema, queso and lettuce.🤤🤤 Also I added extra meat on top but that’s optional.
Red salsa:
-3 red roma tomatoes
-1 handful of chiles de arbol(less if you can’t handle spicy)
-2 garlic cloves
-1 chunk of onion
Salt to taste
Charr your tomatoes/onion on a komal on all sides. Once tomatoes/onions are soft and charred remove and peel off the charr and add to your blender. Next add a couple of tablespoons of oil to your komal and heat up. Once it’s heated add your chiles de arbol, give them a stir and remove them quickly. Don’t let them burn because then your salsa will be bitter. After you have removed your chiles add your garlic and toast on both sides then remove and add to your blender along with your chiles. Let the oil from your komal cool off and once it’s cooled add it to your blender with salt to taste, blend well and ready.
Green salsa.
-10 medium sized tomatillos(peeled/rinsed)
-4/5 Chile serrano depending on your spice tolerance
-1 garlic clove
-1 handful of cilantro
Add your tomatillos/serranos to a medium sized pot. Boil until soft then remove and add to your blender along with garlic clove,cilantro and salt to taste. Blend well and serve.
NOTE: When making salsa verde with tomatillos be sure to only boil them until soft. Do not let them burst. If they burst this will cause your salsa to become tart/sour. But if that happens you can also add some sugar and that will fix the situation.
Enjoy !!

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